Kitchens Kept Simple

 5  FOUNDiiD Ideas for Styling your Kitchen:
Kitchens are the functional, social and emotional heart of the home. But kitchens can get very busy, very quickly. So the art of introducing a calm, harmonious and elegant style to that space can be a challenge. Here are 5 of FOUNDiiD’s favourite kitchen styling ideas:

Simple.  Put a single branch of a lemon tree in a single, large clear glass bottle or vase. Do this in spring when it blossoms. An elegant way to bring the outside in, and mark the season.

Solid. If you have shelves, group similarly shaped but different sizes bowls together. The shades we prefer for kitchenware are dusty green, smokey blue and fine pink.


Beautiful. Rather than having all your wooden kitchen utensils piled up and hidden in your drawer, group them into a few identical glass containers.  It makes for easier access and a strong style statement.

Intelligent. Kitchen trays should never be just about serving food. They have so many uses: food preparation, perfect carriers, even as an extra side table without legs. Place your trays together, visible, against a wall. Graphic, grouped, not taking up surface space.

Design. As much as is possible, keep all your counters clear of clutter. Clutter free counters save time. They maintain hygiene. Empty or minimalist kitchen surfaces create a strong sense of calm, order and balance in the home.

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