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  • FOUNDiiD Christmas Table Styling

    5 Beautifully Simple Ideas for Your Christmas Table

    A froth of slushy snow has fallen on Shoreditch this Sunday. Huddled shoppers walk from Colombia Road carrying prickly Christmas trees to their far-parked cars.  It is definitely Christmas season. Like most households, we are planning the long-list logistics of Christmas day. Dinner is at ours this year. Family and friends will taxi, cycle and…

  • Increase Rental Income with Interior Styling

    THE First Impression: Renting your property can be a profitable and relatively painless route to a regular income stream.

  • FOUNDiiD kitchens plain english hero

    Kitchens Kept Simple

     5  FOUNDiiD Ideas for Styling your Kitchen: Kitchens are the functional, social and emotional heart of the home. But kitchens can get very busy, very quickly.