The 5 FOUNDiiD Ideas Guide to Beautiful Bedroom Sleep

When I wake up early in the morning

Lift my head, I’m still yawning

When I’m in the middle of a dream

Stay in bed, float up stream, float up stream

Please, don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me

Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping

I’m Only Sleeping, The Beatles


The essence of good bedroom design should be focused on one element, and  that’s your bed. Your bedroom’s job is simple, to deliver you to sleep. We forget this. Bedrooms are used for TV viewing. Bedrooms are used as storerooms. They are probably the first and last place your mobile phone is used in your day. But keeping it simple means the art of tidying and organisation and an eye to minimalism. Simplicity means removing technology and distractions. No need however to remove your cherished possessions such as photos and books, as they create a sense of tranquil sanctuary essential to a bedroom.  And that is it, kept simple.


FOUNDiiD Bedroom Design Room Mate Giulia Patricia Urquiola

Colour influences your mood. This we know. Therefore the shade you chose for your bedroom walls will influence how relaxed you are so that you get a good night’s rest. Solid sleep-inducing bedroom design means keeping your colour palette uncomplicated. That means foregoing the busy wallpaper. Sleep research tells us that that the best colour for rest is a blue room. Other colours that also get you in that dozy mode are shades such as greys and neutrals. Warm colours are also worth considering such as pale yellow, as it encourages a tranquil and cosy slumber. FOUNDiiD’s favourite bedroom colours are those sleep inducing blues. This fine room in the Mate Hotel in Milan designed by wonderful Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola invites familiar slumber with walls in an aqua shade of light blue called spindle.


 “The foundation of good sleep is a comfortable bed. The right mattress can FOUNDiiD Bedroom Design Coco-Mat Bed Mattress Ammos Hotel Cretemake the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor quality sleep resulting in tiredness and fatigue. Lack of support from a mattress reinforces poor sleeping posture and can prevent you from getting a good nights’ sleep. If you sleep better in a hotel or other bed away from home, it may be time to change your bed.” The UK Sleep Council.

Intelligent mattress and bed design decisions are the foundation to having a good night’s sleep.As the Sleep Council points out, if you have better sleep in a hotel bed than your own, it’s time for a change. This very lesson was learnt by FOUNDiiD when staying at the delightful Ammos Boutique Hotel in  Chania in Crete. The mattresses and beds of Ammos were by a company called Coco-Mat and they offered a week of perfect sleep.

Coco-Mat started in 1989 in Greece as a family run company and has since evolved into a global brand. The company’s motto sleep on nature underlines the intelligence and real difference in Coco-Mat’s mattress design: hand-made solely by using natural renewable materials such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, horsehair and seaweed and free from toxic chemicals and retardants.  Coco-Mat’s mattresses are also metal-free, as Paul Efmorfides, the company’s founder, told The New York TimesPeople have slept on springs for only about 50 years, but for thousands of years before that, humanity slept on non-metal beds”.  Coco-Mat’s sleep products by way of the company’s sustainable philosophy, innovative, intelligent and beautiful design, promise to offer a blissful and rejuvenating sleep. Our experience at Ammos Hotel proved that Coco-Mat are true to that promise.

FOUNDiiD Bedroom Design Room to Bloom Children's BedroomBeautiful

Uncluttered and minimalist bedrooms help promote a restful nights sleep. The  easiest way to then add beauty and richness to a bedroom is with fabrics.  As a previous FOUNDiiD blog  notes “of all of the elements which bring the personal and human to interior design, textiles are the most important. They create comfort, intimacy and pleasure. Fabrics are also functional. They provide insulation, keep us cool in the summer and warm in winter dependent on the fabrics. Fabrics can provide privacy; they reduce noise and improve the quality of speech and music in spaces. They are the most versatile of materials”.

As well as the three wonderful makers we described in that blog, another maker we love with an outstanding eye for  bedroom textiles is Eleanor Pritchard. Her blankets, throws and cushions are beautiful bedroom accessories with a mid-century modern sensibility reflected in her patterns and colours.


With a need for a simple uncluttered space, and the focus on the bed itself, clever design solutions for storage and desks and side tables are a must. This is doubley the case  with children, where the need to create a warm, safe, playful, eco-sensitive and flexible space can cause long-term headaches. A smart design solution is to create an all in one storage and bed unit, which can be playfully incorporated into functional and thematic designs for the young ones.

The beautiful and simple bedroom design in the image above is from children’s interior experts Room to Bloom. Young Florence and her parent’s request was for a bright space that would be easy to update, with plenty of storage and “no pink please”. Room to Bloom’s fresh Scandinavian design included a customised statement bed with plenty of storage and a playful and practical step / desk feature.

These are five of FOUNDiiD’s design ideas for the bedroom which might just help you “only sleep” beautifully in the future. If you would like to discuss these, or any other design questions, don’t hesitate to call in, call us or email us