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“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”.
John Maeda
Object Design
Retail Design “Design adds value faster
than it adds cost”
Joel Spolksy

FOUNDiiD is an East London Interior, Retail and Object Design Workshop. Making life easier and more beautiful.


Home Made. Easy + Beautiful Home Styling Ideas.

How to make a house a home? Whether it be a noisy family home or your own sanctuary, you want it to be a space that suits your personality and where living is easy. FOUNDiiD introduces some fundamentals to interior design and styling which aim to help you achieve just that. In Living Colour. Colour…

Making A Display. The Shopper-Stopping Power of Window Design.

“Unattractive windows turn shoppers into passers-by”*. It is a retail rule that is as true for every small independent retailer as it is for destination stores on Bond Street London or 5th Avenue New York. FOUNDiiD ‘s own research reported that 90% of shoppers** pay attention to windows when walking or driving. A further 28%…

FOUNDiiD Christmas Table Styling

5 Beautifully Simple Ideas for Your Christmas Table

A froth of slushy snow has fallen on Shoreditch this Sunday. Huddled shoppers walk from Colombia Road carrying prickly Christmas trees to their far-parked cars.  It is definitely Christmas season. Like most households, we are planning the long-list logistics of Christmas day. Dinner is at ours this year. Family and friends will taxi, cycle and…

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