What We Do.

At FOUNDiiD, we develop spaces and products which embody our philosophy through all stages, from initial concept design to final implementation and delivery. We distinguish between residential and retail spaces, and develop modern designs which deliver functional beauty, quality and permanence. Interior design refers to all types of design and styling for residential spaces. Retail design covers window-display, in-store design and project-based styling. New Heritage is FOUNDiiD’s crafted set of everyday home objects. Custom Design is our specially commissioned furniture, project installations and objects. We also offer an intelligent and effective Branding Design Consultancy.

Interior Design

FOUNDiiD provides interior design for residential spaces, whether for home owners or professional residential developers. Our interior design work is personal and human; we don’t do themed or staged design. From a very first shared idea, through continuous conversation and connection, we look to create beautiful and thoughtful interiors for our clients.

Retail Design

Our retail project process starts with understanding the retailer’s brand and sales strategies, and then translating these into effective shop and window design. We know that a critical key to retail success is the customer’s deep experience of the store.  As with domestic interior design, the common factor is our ability to appreciate how people feel, connect and are influenced by the retail space, products, and in-store messaging.

FOUNDiiD retail design shop merchandising
FOUNDiiD window display shelves swing plants

Window Design

Window Display is a fundamental element of our retail design service, being a critical pillar to the attraction and commercial success of stores. Shop windows are said to be the soul of the store*, and can deliver more than 25% of all customer sales. FOUNDiiD’s research and design expertise means we provide a deeply considered, collaborative and effective process which will result in striking, intriguing, unique, and customer generating window displays.
*Mary Portas: Retail Guru

Space Styling

We deliver styling for residential and commercial projects, for interior or outdoor spaces. We deliver modern, distinctive and cost-effective styling solutions which will help you increase your holiday rental, Airbnb or property let business.

FOUNDiiD retail design courtyard chair flowers

New Heritage


New Heritage is our own design-crafted set of everyday home objects; ceramics, woodwork, textiles and metal. The key to New Heritage is a collective and connective design process which sees us take one step back into the solid craft history of Cyprus and Ireland. Then two steps forward to create something fresh and singular. Crafted objects to cherish for a lifetime.

Custom Design

We provide smaller tailor-made design solutions for one-off pieces of furniture, installations or objects. Each commissioned design is approached with the same analysis, creativity and skill as our interior and retail projects. Our custom made work intelligently combines the exact needs of the client with FOUNDiiD’s signature understated beauty and functionality.

custom designed wooden sheving system
FOUNDiiD Brand Consultancy London Design


85% of purchase decisions are emotionally driven*. This is why it is essential that bricks-and-mortar businesses create an emotionally satisfying customer experience from the very first encounter of the brand online or on the street, right through to purchasing at the point-of-sale. FOUNDiiD’s expertise in social psychology, marketing and spatial design means we deliver innovative, intelligent and effective branding design strategies to our clients.

*TV / AD Nation. Ipsos Connect 2016.